Consultancy for building a training kit on IHRL, IHL and Child Rights

Fight for Humanity is hiring an expert – one position or maximum three positions for joint candidatures depending on the profiles and expertise –  to support its work within the North East Syria programme, as part of the implementation of the UN/Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) action plan to end and prevent child recruitment in North East Syria.


The consultant(s) will report to the Head of Operations of Fight for Humanity in Geneva, Switzerland. 


The SDF signed an Action Plan on 29th June 2019 with the UN to end and prevent the recruitment and use of children under the age of 18. Through this Action Plan, the SDF with the support of the Self-Administration (SA), commits to end and prevent the recruitment and use of children, to identify and separate boys and girls currently within its ranks and to put in place preventative, protection and disciplinary measures related to child recruitment and use.  



The expert is expected to support Fight for Humanity by developing a training kit which includes tools and modules on International Humanitarian Law (IHL), International Human Rights Law (IHRL), and Child Rights with a focus on the mentioned Action Plan, to use in its trainings to strengthen the capacity of key stakeholders to support the prevention of and response to child recruitment.



The expert is expected to produce a training toolkit that will be used for different audiences and trainings, notably:

  • Dissemination sessions: Short briefing sessions around 2h to SDF members, Internal Security Forces (ISF), Civilian Council members, SA officials and civil society organizations

  • Trainings: Two-day training for the SDF special units notably recruitment centers

  • In-depth training: 3- or 4-days training for teams of trainers.


Three training modules are to be developed:

  1. An introduction to the basic principles of IHRL, (25% of total content)

  2. An introduction to the basic principles of IHL (25% of total content)

  3. An introduction to Child Rights and child protection, with a focus on the Action Plan signed with the UN (50% of total content)

More specifically, the expert is expected to undertake the following tasks, in consultation and coordination with Fight for Humanity:

  1. Develop the training modules (content for trainees)

  2. Develop a trainer’s manual with guidance for training military forces and civilian officials working under the authorities

  3. Develop training methodologies to enhance the learning throughout the training sessions. Examples of types of methodologiesinclude:

    • Role-plays

    • Debates

    • Simulations

  4. Develop modular variations for targeted trainings, including adaptations for each type of training session and target groups as mentioned above.   



The expert should deliver the following:

  • Modules, as described above, in PowerPoint, in English, including notes for trainers

  • A manual for trainers which should contain:

    • Planning and technical guidance for how to transmit each of the three sets of content (basic IHRL applicable in conflict situation, basic IHL rules, child rights, and the Action Plan) toward the different audiences

    • A methodological/pedagogical section, with explanations and examples of exercises to enhance learning, using varied methodologies (choice of different exercises and methodologies)

    • A discussion on ways of measuring and understanding results and impact, and proposed pre and post training evaluations

    • A methodological proposal for adaptation of the toolkit to the different audiences and session needs


The training kit should be consistent in terms of visual identity and as interactive as possible and include pictures, videos, exercises. It should also be adapted to the context (Middle East and specifically Syria), but it can contain examples from elsewhere.



The legal expert will be payed based on a contract signed in USD. The consultancy fee is set to 9’000 USD and paid as follows:

  • A first installment at the signature of the contract (20%)

  • A second installment following the delivery of a second version of the modules and a first full draft of the trainer’s manual (30%),

  • The last installment after the delivery of the final materials, having integrated Fight for Humanities feedback (30%).



  • Joint applications are possible and encouraged

  • At least a master's degree in international law or any other relevant field.

  • Pedagogical and training experience, particularly experience from training adults.

  • Extensive experience working in a similar work,

  • Excellent knowledge of IHL, IHRL and Child Rights in general and in armed conflict situations in particular,

  • Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills

  • Excellent command of English


Duty Station: Desk-based with regular exchange with Fight for Humanity’s Headquarters
Type of the Contract: International Consultant(s)
Expected Start Date: Immediately after the contract is signed

Duration: 20 working days

Language: English

How to apply

Please send your application to before 7 July 2020.

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