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In its eleventh year, the conflict in Syria continues to cause massive displacement, casualties and suffering of the civilian population. More than 14 million people remain in need of humanitarian assistance.


The conflict is characterized by the presence of many different armed actors and led to serious and numerous violations of both international humanitarian law and human rights.


Fight for Humanity is working alongside local partners Purity and Rights Defense Initiative (R.D.I) to support hundreds of detained children in multiple detention centers in North-East Syria. Our work here has revolved around advocating for the release of the children, providing the children with essential supplies and recreational and educational items, and aiding in the training of human rights norms to the guards of the detention centers. 

Beyond supporting the detained children, we have additionally partnered with the ALIPH Foundation and Orient Association to engage in a mission built around protecting local cultural heritage in North East Syria. This mission surrounds two central emergency interventions: the first being the improvement of artefact security and the second being preservation of the Nabada Palace in Tell Beydar, a 4’000-year-old archaeological site.

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