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About Us
Our Story

Founded in March 2019 by a group of highly-experienced humanitarian professionals, Fight for Humanity was launched with the objective to increase respect for human rights in situations of violence and conflict.

Our Mandate

In the last few decades armed conflicts and situations of violence have affected millions of people around the world. Serious abuses against populations such as extra-judiciary killing, forced disappearance, torture, sexual violence and forced displacement are regularly reported.

In addition to denouncing human rights abuses and assisting survivors, there is a need to focus more on prevention. The organization believes that it is essential to disseminate human rights norms broadly to prevent further violations.

Fight for Humanity is a non-partisan, impartial and independent non-governmental organization that seeks to reinforce respect for the rights of people exposed to human rights abuses in neglected areas. ​

It relies on human rights law to promote - through awareness-raising campaigns - the basic rules that ensure respect for human dignity.

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