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Annual Report 2021- Advocating Respect for Human Rights

2021 was Fight for Humanity’s third year of existence and the second year of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Despite challenges in 2021, the organization obtained funding for and implemented five projects to promote human rights in areas of conflict. Jointly with our partners, we worked hard to improve the terrible conditions of children in detention, end the recruitment of child soldiers, protect invaluable cultural artefacts threatened by the conflict and promote victims’ rights and voices.

Throughout the year, we kept committed to our initial belief, that advocating for a better respect for human rights is not only necessary for the people living in areas of conflict, but it is also possible. Our operational activities, including research, aim to help understand, provide, and even create positive examples of human rights implementation in conflict areas. Of course, it is not always easy and straightforward, but it is possible and, we believe, necessary, to work towards creating a change even in an age where democratic values are challenged and accountability towards human rights is weakened.

We would like to thank our donors who made the results we got possible, as well as our supporters and partners who continue to believe in our work.

>> Read our Annual Report here


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