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Fight for Humanity

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Over the past few decades armed violence has affected millions of people around the world. Serious abuses against populations such as torture, forced displacement, extra-judiciary killings, arbitrary detention are regularly reported.

While many actors rightly focus on denouncing these violations, protecting and assisting victims or helping them to pursue legal recourse, fewer actors try to prevent abuses from happening.

Our activities

Fight for Humanity leads large campaigns to promote human rights and reinforce their respect. It uses the following main means for achieving its objectives: 

  • Promoting respect of human rights, women human rights, diversity and peace through mass-media campaigns online and offline

  • Developing an online video platform that features positive stories about human rights

  • Training civil society, community-based organizations on human rights

Our impact

Fight for Humanity activities are always impact-oriented. The organization intervenes only after a thorough assessment is undertaken and when we think an impact is possible. Through adapted tools, we collect all the outcomes and impacts of our activities. Although measuring impact of prevention activities has never been easy, we work to find innovative ways to measure it.