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Our approach

Fight for Humanity  always stands up for the rights of people.  We believe that it is possible to have a dialogue with key actors towards improving their respect of human rights for the benefit of the population. We seek to accompany them in their journey towards improving their compliance with human rights.


Influencing key actors

We read about violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law on a near daily basis, making it seem as though our efforts to influence these actors and reduce abuses are yielding limited results. When addressing armed groups, as compared to States, we have more restricted access and a more limited toolbox to help them rethink their behaviour. Still, tapping into the spheres of neuroscience, communication, negotiation theory, prevention of violent extremism, and even child education can give us a lead on what could work in advocating for protection with key actors.

Positive role-modelling

Fight for Humanity strongly believes in an inclusive and positive approach to influencing behaviour: by engaging in a dialogue and showing good practices and examples of respect a feeling of emulation can be created.


The value of positive role-modelling has also been evidenced in different research studies, which found that “Capitalizing on the brain’s capacity to simulate events, messages of positive behaviour – instead of re

peated exposure to accounts of abuse – could better lead to the changes we wish to see in the world.”

Relying on local capacities

Fight for Humanity looks to respect and coordinate with local initiatives, to reinforce and promote ongoing processes and initiatives.  All interventions are hence discussed and coordinated with local and national actors to seek to build on their existing efforts.

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