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Fight for Humanity

150 route de Ferney

CH-1211 Geneva 2


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Our approach

Fight for Humanity  always stands up for the rights of people.  We believe that it is possible to influence key actors as well as the society improving their respect for human rights.

Fight for Humanity looks to respect and coordinate with local initiatives, to reinforce and promote ongoing processes and initiatives.  All interventions are hence discussed and coordinated with local and national actors to seek to build on their existing efforts.


Fight for Humanity will collaborate with organizations working in the same area. Impact is maximized by leveraging complementarity and by supporting the work of other organizations. 


Fight for Humanity is committed to being accountable to all its stakeholders, including local partners, donors, authorities, and people affected by armed violence. We will always be transparent on our methodology and how we spend funds.


Flexibility is needed to develop an approach that is suitable for the reality on the ground. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to promoting human rights.