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Annual Report 2022: continuing the fight for Human Rights

Fight for Humanity is pleased to release its 2022 Annual Report. In 2022, Fight for Humanity and its partners:

  • Conducted a research study on the protection and participation of women in conflict zones in Myanmar.

  • Provided support to 650 children in detention in Syria.

  • Contributed to the promotion of greater social cohesion between ethno-religious communities in Northern Iraq, including the Mosul area.

  • Led initiatives to end the recruitment of children in Syria.

  • Promoted the protection of cultural heritage in Syria as a means of fostering peaceful coexistence among communities.

  • Supported a demining organization in Senegal with their conflict analysis.

  • Supported other like-minded organizations in their endeavors.

In 2023, we have been operating in Syria, Iraq, Colombia, Myanmar, and Yemen. 2023 will conclude the cycle of our first strategic plan, which was defined in 2019. This plan aimed to develop Fight for Humanity into an organization capable of making a positive difference for populations living in areas of armed conflict. While not all objectives have been fully achieved, the organization has experienced four years of positive development, despite the challenges of two years of global pandemics.

With a new strategy cycle beginning in 2024, the organization aims to continue promoting human rights, primarily in areas under the control or influence of non-state armed actors, particularly those that are crucial for building lasting peace: children's and women's rights, cultural rights, freedom of expression, and environmental protection.

We hope you will enjoy reading this Annual Report, and we would like to express our gratitude to our donors, supporters, and partners who make our work possible.

You can download our 2022 Annual Report and Audit Report below:

Fight for Humanity - Annual Report 2022_light
Download PDF • 2.75MB
Fight for Humanity - Audit report 2022
Download PDF • 2.23MB


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