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Annual Report 2019- Advocating Respect for Human Rights

2019 was an exciting year for Fight for Humanity. It should, as it was the first!

Throughout the years working in and on conflict areas on humanitarian issues,

mainly in areas of non-state or split control, we were challenged with the

implementation gap on the ground. In fact, people in areas affected by violence

and conflict, and especially in non-state areas, were “less equal” than others, as

those controlling the areas were not considered as duty-bearers and were not

included in action towards improving the respect of human rights.

After several months of discussions, Fight For Humanity was born to fill this gap

and work on the promotion of human rights, peace and gender in countries

affected by armed conflict notably in areas controlled by non-State actors. Based

on this objective, we have developed a three-year strategy that put values such as

diversity, inclusion, creativity, new technology, positivity and efficiency at its core.

During this first year Fight for Humanity developed the organization structurally

and operationally. The governance structure was we set up, policies developed, an

agreement signed with a partner that administers the accounting, payroll, and

grant management, while, at the same time, organizing the first operational

events in Geneva, and starting up in-country projects with partners. We would like

to thank the members of our Committee, the Advisor Council, associate experts,

volunteers, and human rights and humanitarian activists who helped us make this



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