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New project phase: The role of armed and political movements in women’s protection and participation

Fight for Humanity jointly with the Berghof Foundation have initiated a new project phase in Myanmar, Yemen and at a global level, in their efforts to support the protection of women during conflict and increase their participation in peacebuilding efforts in areas under the control of armed movements. This phase follows a first pilot project in Myanmar.

With this new phase, the organizations facilitated dialogues with two ethnic resistance organizations (EROs) in Myanmar on their policies and practices related to the protection of women in the conflict and their participation in peacebuilding, following-up on recommendations from the previous project cycle. Participants of these dialogue sessions are women and men who are part of or live in areas influenced by the two EROs.

In Yemen, a country hardly hit by armed conflict, participatory action research with three armed and political movements from northern and southern Yemen is currently undertaken to understand the factors that can encourage them to promote the protection and participation rights of women and girls.

“The participation of women in peacebuilding is essential to build a lasting peace, as emerging research shows. But to be able to participate in this process, they need to be better protected during the conflict” says Anki Sjoeberg, Fight for Humanity’s Co-Director.

In September, the two organizations also conducted a Global Workshop on Women Peace and Security with key stakeholders and representatives of Governments to discuss how to better enable the international policy community to support the implementation of the Women Peace and Security Agenda in conflict affected areas where armed and political movements hold large territories or political power.


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