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Position:                                               Designer/video maker

Supervised by:                                       Head of Development

Period of Assignment:                    01.03 - 20.05.24


Fight for Humanity:

Founded in March 2019, Fight for Humanity is a Swiss-based non-governmental organization that seeks to reinforce respect for the rights of people exposed to human rights abuses in situations of violence and conflict. ​It currently implements programs in the Middle East on child protection, the protection of cultural heritage, and peace and social cohesion. 

Context :

Fight for Humanity has been mandated by CARE to develop an Educational Material Package based on a document recently developed called the “Practical Measures Project to Prevent and Mitigate Conflict-Induced Hunger”. States, armed groups, humanitarian/human rights actors, and other civil society and community-based organizations actors will use the material package to better understand, apply, and communicate about the Practical Measures. The package includes a training module, a video, visuals, and a flyer.  



Fight for Humanity is looking for an agency or designer/video maker to produce: 

  • 8 impactful social media visuals mixing short text and illustrations that can be used to advocate the main messages through social media campaigning. They can also be adapted as stickers. 

  • One short video (max. 1 minute) with animated images that can be used during events or online. The soundtrack of the video will include a voice over and music and can also be adapted as radio message when relevant locally. 

  • One short and catchy flyer that includes short text and illustrations that could also be adapted into a poster (Infographic). 

Target audience:

  • Armed actors, both state armed forces and non-state armed groups  

  • Humanitarian/human rights actors 

  • Civil society and community-based organizations  


Because the target audiences are so diverse, the material should deliver simple and powerful messages, that would be general enough to be understood in different countries affected by armed conflict. 

Possible dissemination channels :

  • Social media in the relevant countries 

  • Training sessions organized by international or local actors 

  • Distribution of flyers and display of the poster 


General guidelines :

  • There should be a consistency between the videos and the visuals. 

  • The material should be positive: it should be colorful and with illustrations that are simple and clear to understand.  

  • The material should be in English but might be adapted in other languages when required. 

  • The illustrations should mix a wide range of country settings, colors of skin and ethnic background to be used in different countries, examples can be provided.  



For the video (animated images), it should quickly present:  

  • The link between conflict and hunger and the situation in conflict affected countries. 

  • The damage that armed actors can cause to food production and distribution (fields, markets, transport, etc.). 

  • Positive measures that armed actors can take to prevent and mitigate food insecurity (selection of the most important practical measures). 


For the 8 visuals: 

Each visual should present one clear practical measure through one image with a message.  


Flyer and poster:

They will be built as an infographic with figures and diagrams to present:  

  • The link between conflict and hunger and the situation in conflict-affected countries. 

  • The damage that armed actors can cause to food production and distribution (fields, markets, transport etc.). 

  • Some of the most important practical measures (use of some of the illustrations developed for the visuals). 


This would be organized in a poster and flyer.  



1st March - 15th March: 

  • procurement and selection of one or two service providers (potentially one video-maker and one graphic designer or alternatively one agency) 

  • definition of a draft video script and the 8 messages for the visuals with the project team including consultation with CARE 


18 March – 27 March 

  • Briefing of the selected service providers  

  • Discussion on the script and messages and adaptations if necessary 

  • Sharing examples  


5 April  

  • First storyboard ready for the video 

  • First draft of the infographics structure  


8 - 12 April ​

  • Consultation with CARE and the project team to finalize the video final storyboard and the infographic structure 

  • Final storyboard ready on 12 April, final structure of the infographics ready 


15 April – 10 May 

  • Development of the video  

  • Sound recording 

  • Animation development 

  • Titles 

  • In parallel, preparation of the 8 visuals and consultations for potential modifications 


10 May - 20 May ​

  • First draft of video ready on 10 May 

  • Consultations for minimal modifications 

  • Final version of the video and visuals ready on 20 May 

  • Finalization of the infographics with the visuals 

How to apply:

Please send a quote and references to with the reference “Video design” no later than 17 March 2024. Only complete applications will be considered. 

Please note that only shortlisted candidates/agencies will be contacted.  

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