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Women’s Rights in Times of Conflict: Perspectives of Women from Armed and Political movements

Webinar series: first-hand views on human rights and peace

Thursday 19 November 2020 2:00pm - 3:15pm (CET)

Colombia time: 8:00am / Syria time: 3:00pm / Yemen time: 4pm / Myanmar time: 7:30pm

With the participation of women leaders from the Southern Transitional Council - STC (Yemen), the Karen National Union – KNU (Myanmar), Kongra Star - the Women Movement from North East Syria (Syria) and from the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - FARC (Colombia)

About the event

In the context of the 20-year anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security, Fight for Humanity and Berghof Foundation are organizing an online event to discuss the promotion of the rights of women and girls in conflict settings, from the first-hand perspectives of women in leadership roles in territories governed by various armed and political movements.

In this debate the women leaders will reflect upon the progress, the remaining challenges, and look forward towards what can be done within the next 20 years – and beyond – to implement SCR 1325, and more broadly to promote the rights of women and girls in their territories.


  • Zeyneb Muhemed, Member of Coordination Committe of Kongra Star (North-East Syria)

  • Najwa Fadhl, President advisor for women issues of the Southern Transitional Council (Yemen)

  • Olga Lucia Marín, former combatant, Common Revolutionary Alternative Force – FARC (Colombia)

  • Naw Wah Khu Shee, central standing committee member, Karen Women’s Organization-KWO / Karen National Union-KNU (Myanmar)

Agenda (Central European time)

2:00pm Introduction

2:10pm Panel discussion

1. Progress and challenges on the rights of women and girls

Q&A session

2. Looking ahead: What could be done to further promote the rights of women and girls

Q&A session

3:00pm Concluding remarks

3:15pm End of event

Moderation: Fight for Humanity and Berghof foundation

Language: English and interpretation into Arabic, Burmese, Spanish and Kurmanji

Event registration Registration is mandatory. Once you have registered you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the event on 19 November. You will first access the event waiting room and then the moderator will allow you to join the event at 2:00pm CET.

Asking questions to the panelists Send your questions in advance to During the event, you can also send your questions to the moderator by chat messages. There will be no direct webcam or microphone interactions between participants and panelists during the event.


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