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When Lives are at Stake: Exploring High-Pressure Negotiations through Storytelling

Negotiating with local authorities and armed actors in insecure environments is a critical skill that allows humanitarian organizations to help and protect those most in need. Whether it is to obtain humanitarian access or to engage armed actors on a better respect for civilian populations' rights, negotiators are always under a high pressure.

At the Geneva Peace Week 2019, Fight for Humanty in partnership with the Center of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiations, the ICRC and the UNCHR offer a behind the scenes look at how to negotiate in areas affected by armed violence and the people who conduct them, using a storytelling approach.

The event will also demonstrate how frontline negotiations and humanitarian issues more broadly are intertwined with building peace through dialogue, negotiation, advocacy and public communication.

When lives are at stake: exploring high-pressure negotiations through storytelling

Tuesday 5 November 13:30 - 15:00

Geneva Center for Security and Peace

Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2D, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland


– Karim Hafez, CCHN Support and Negotiations Specialist; – Pascal Hundt, ICRC Senior Crisis Manager;

– Julie Dunphy, UNHCR Senior Policy & Liaison Officer (Field Security Service) – Mehmet Balci, FFH Co-Director and Founder – Nicola Eva Fell, ICRC Audiovisual Producer and award-winning filmmaker

The event is open to the humanitarian community and to anybody interested in listening stories from highly experimented negotiators.

Event Registration

The venue can accommodate up to 60 people. Please click here to confirm your participation and receive further details about the event.

Event App

For your convenience at the Geneva Peace Week 2019, you can download Whova app. The Geneva Peace Week event will go live on the app one week prior to the first day.

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