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Webinar Report: “Mind the Gap: Human Rights and Non-State Parties to Armed Conflict”

During the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council, Fight for Humanity organized an online event hosted by France, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. The webinar discussed the existing gaps in the application of Human Rights to non-state parties to armed conflict. In its webinar report, Fight for Humanity recalls the discussions points and the main conclusions and recommendations that came out of this webinar. To read it please click here. More recently, a group of independent United Nations human rights experts issued a joint statement on human rights responsibilities of armed non-state actors. As in the above-mentioned webinar, they acknowledged the existing protection gap for the rights of population living in areas controlled by these actors and encouraged the humanitarian community to “engage directly and concretely with armed non-state actors with the aim to encourage respect for human rights”. Fight for Humanity fully supports this declaration and will continue its work to advocate human rights to non-state armed actors.

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