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In the Shadow of COVID19: How to Respond to the Worsening Humanitarian Situation in North East Syria

Webinar series – First-hand views on human rights and peace

Thursday 18 June 2020 15:00 CEST / 16:00 Syria time - Online event

With the participation of Human Rights Watch, Un Ponte Per, an initiative of 124 local NGOs and the Self-Administration in North East Syria

About the event

While global attention is naturally focussed on the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, the humanitarian situation in North East Syria has worsened since the beginning of the pandemic, not because of the number of COVID-19 cases which has remained low but as a result of a severe economic and humanitarian crisis. The living conditions of the population in the region have recently deteriorated due to the economic crisis in Syria and the sharp devaluation of the Syrian lira. In addition, COVID-19 travel and movement restrictions as well as limitations in authorized cross-border and cross-line movements, have made the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the population more difficult.

In this webinar, panelists will discuss the humanitarian challenges faced in North East Syria (NES) and their potential responses. It will take place on the eve of the IV Brussels Conference on supporting the future of Syria. Some participants will have the opportunity to highlight their expectations from it and their proposals for the resolution of the Syrian conflicts.

Agenda of the event

15:00 Introduction by Fight for Humanity

15:10 Panel Discussion

  • Un Ponte Per - Life-saving humanitarian operations and access restrictions in NES at the time of COVID-19

  • Humanitarian INGO working in emergency settings - Highlight on the humanitarian crisis in NES and the persons with disabilities in armed conflict

  • One of the initiators of a group of 124 local organizations operating in NES - Presentation of the letter they wrote to the next EU Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria

  • Human Rights Watch - Aid restrictions hinder COVID-19 response in North East Syria and recommendations

  • Self Administration in North East Syria - The impact of the current emergency crisis on the humanitarian needs and responses, expectations from the international community

15:50 Q&A session

16:15 End of the meeting

Moderation: Fight for Humanity

Language: English

Event registration

Registration is mandatory. Once you have registered you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the event on 18 June. You will first access the event waiting room and then the moderator will allow you to join the event at 15:00 CEST / 16:00 Syria time. The event will be recorded, edited and published.

Asking questions to the panelists

During the event, please send your questions to the moderator by using the Q&A functionality. There will be no direct webcam or microphone interactions between participants and panelists during the event.

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azlak azad
azlak azad
18 Haz 2020

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