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Detained Children from ISIS-Related Families: How to Protect their Rights in North East Syria?

Webinar series: first-hand views on human rights and peace

Wednesday 22 December 2pm (CET) Geneva/Switzerland time

3pm Syria time and 8am (EST)  New York time

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About the event

Tens of thousands of children from ISIS-related families are currently held in camps in North East Syria. Of these children, more than 700 were separated and sent to detention centers, reportedly for security reasons. Protecting their rights in such a complex environment poses important challenges. This event will look at the current situation of children in the camps and detention centers, the related legal challenges, as well as the issues of return and reintegration, taking into consideration experiences of repatriation.

Among the children, around 27’000 are foreigners (20’000 from Iraq and the rest from a number of countries). While some countries of origin have repatriated some of the most vulnerable of their children, others have not yet done so.

In addition to restrictions on seeing their families, obstacles to their development and access to education, poor health, hygiene and security conditions, and exposure to radicalized individuals in the camps and the detention centres, this situation violates the basic rights of the children and places them at risk of radicalization. Fight for Humanity, in collaboration with its local partners, is supporting more than 700 children in detention with basic educational, social, and recreational activities to provide hope and facilitate their future reintegration into society.

Speakers Moderator: Nicolas Sion, Fight for Humanity, Head of Development Panelists:

  • Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, Head of Foreign Affairs Office of the Autonomous Administration of North East Syria

  • Cholpon Orozobekova, Director, the Bulan Institute for Peace Innovations

  • Dr. Annyssa Bellal, Senior Legal Advisor and Researcher

  • Mehmet Balci, Fight for Humanity, Founder and Co-Director

Language: English with interpretation in Arabic Event registration is mandatory. Once you have registered you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the event on 22 December. You will first access the event waiting room and then the moderator will allow you to join the event at 2:00pm CET.

Asking questions to the panelists: during the event, you can send your questions to the moderator by chat messages. There will be no direct webcam or microphone interactions between participants and panelists during the event.

>> Register for the event

The event is part of Fight for Humanity’s Webinar series “First-hand views on human rights and peace”. The objective of these webinars is to give the opportunity to key conflict actors as well as organisations based in conflict areas to express their views on human rights, peace and the protection of civilians.

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