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Continuation of social media outreach campaign on the protection of children, schools & healthcare

Over the last two years, Fight for Humanity have conducted 4 awareness-raising campaigns in Northeast Syria, promoting the need to prevent child recruitment and to protect education and healthcare reaching more than 2 million people in the region online and offline through the distribution of posters, leaflets and booklets, and the dissemination of videos and key messages on social media. 

Since late 2019, Fight for Humanity has been working in partnership with the United Nations to support the implementation of the Action Plan signed between the United Nations and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to prevent child recruitment and use in Northeast Syria.  

These campaigns came to support Fight for Humanity’s training and advocacy efforts to end the recruitment of children below 18 in the region and to better protect education and healthcare so that children can have access to these basic services and enjoy a decent life, even in a situation of conflict.  

The videos, mixing real footage and animations, have been widely disseminated and shared on social media and local TVs, raising awareness of the population but also of key political and armed actors on the importance to preserve the youth for the future of the region. One video was created on the prohibition to recruit children, one on the protection of education and one on the protection of healthcare.

Fight for Humanity continues its advocacy efforts and regularly conduct monitoring visits. Despite improvement and measures taken by the SDF, cases of recruitment and use of children continue to be reported. Fight for Humanity with the support of the United Nations, continues to organize advocacy meeting and training with the concerned actors. 


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