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700 Children at Risk in an Attack Against a Detention Center in North East Syria

Around 700 detained children are trapped in the middle of an attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) against the prison of Ghuwayran in Hasake, Northeast Syria. In this centre, administered by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, around 5000 ISIS members were detained as well as 700 male teenagers that were separated from ISIS families held in al Hol camp.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the attack, launched on Thursday 20th January, and the fighting it triggered, have resulted in at least 154 victims among both those within the prison administration and detainees. The detention centre is still partially under the control of ISIS fighters - both detainees and fighters from the outside and fightings are going between the Syrian Democratic Forces and these ISIS fighters, around and inside the detention centre.

Fight for Humanity is seriously concerned about the situation - particularly the welfare of the 700 children - and calls all involved parties to make all efforts towards:

• An immediate ceasefire

• The safe release and evacuation of all children from the detention centre

• The release of injured people and removal of the dead from inside the detention centre

• The release of all civilians that were working in the detention centre

• The humane treatment of captured fighters by all parties

Fight for Humanity advocates for safe solutions for these children and calls on concerned states to ensure children of their nationality are safely repatriated at the earliest opportunity.

Since September 2021, Fight for Humanity has been working with the support of Medico International, to support these detained children, notably through recreational and educational activities.


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